Gay tentacles and no butt stuff? Weird, coming from me!

Published March 29, 2015 by Clara Bright



Matt’s graduate student life is a quiet and peaceful one, but he’s never been the outdoors type. When an older professor advising (and employing) him drags him off to a secluded swampland in search of a plant that was once central to pre-modern fertility rituals, he doesn’t expect the vines and flower heads to take it upon themselves to perform the ritual on him!

Warning: This erotic short contains themes of bondage, tentacles, and sounding. It’s a little messy to say the least!

Big Breeding and Pregnancy Boxset

Published March 21, 2015 by Clara Bright


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Do you prefer a big, brooding belly or the sated sighs of a freshly seeded lover? In this package, you can have either, both, and a whole lot more. Included are four stories:

-Sister Moms Abducted
-Pregnant and Probed
-Fuck the Magic Dragon
-The Billionaire’s Breeding Bride

Warning: This collection contains themes of bondage, extraterrestrial escapades, and dubious financial agreements with gorgeous and charming men who want babies bad. It’s a big, bouncing bundle of fun if that’s what you’re into!

Forced Into Gay Chastity By My Girlfriend’s Big Brother

Published March 16, 2015 by Clara Bright

What an absurdly long title. At least it’s descriptive? Thought I’d dip my toe into the waters of chastity after all this excessive spunk I’ve been writing. If you’re into that, sit tight for the second installment of my sword and sorcery BDSM experiment.



Mark’s tried to bully his girlfriend Maria out of putting a condom on him for the last time. When she runs out of their college’s secret makeout-and-more spot after slapping him across the face, he doesn’t expect her to text him out of the blue the next night. What he doubly doesn’t expect is for her hardcore older brother to step out of the shadows intent on teaching Mark a valuable lesson in patience and keeping his emissions under control.

The Milked Men: 5 Sloppy Gay Stories (or: a big hot bucket of cock milk)

Published March 12, 2015 by Clara Bright



A collection of five man-juicing shorts to whet your appetite. From tentacles, to machines, to not-so-mundane medical procedures, there’s bound to be a flavor for you. Pick your poison, or try them all!
-I Was a Mancow
-Milk Market
-Milk Prison
-Monsters Need Milk
-Trapped in the Milk Machine

Warning: This collection contains themes of bondage, BDSM, and overstimulation. All characters are over the age of 18, even the aliens.

Seduced by my Sissy Stepbrother (yes, I’m back to my old crossdressing tricks)

Published March 10, 2015 by Clara Bright

seducedsissyAmazon Kindle || BNN Nook

The last time I saw Toma, I was on my way to a study abroad program at a university in France, and he was a college freshman with shorn hair and an affinity for cargo shorts. Now, over a year later, I come home to find he’s got long hair and a few new interests. Among them? Pleated skirts, panties, and me.

Yes, spring apparently means the return of, among other things, flowers and my obsession with boys in skirts taking charge of their sex lives. Who knew?

A Slave Boy of Sayune: Scourged and Sold (Sword and sandal gay BDSM erotica)

Published March 5, 2015 by Clara Bright

We may or may not have recent viewings of certain 80s films and consumption of certain comic books from Mr. Bright’s secret stash to thank for this.



A Slave Boy of Sayune: Scourged and Sold

Excerpt: In the deepest reaches of space, nearest the epicenter of the great bursting forth of all life and matter we now recognize, there exists systems and entire systems wherein interstellar travel – even the colonization of asteroids and moons – is not only routine but a matter of tradition. Such is not the case on Sayune, a dusky spit ball of sand and moss winging its way around a lonely star. On Sayune, superstition and brutality reign over reason and empathy and even her hardiest inhabitants chafe and strain under the yoke of the caste system.
The people of Sayune are not unlike the people of Earth, if one considers appearance alone. The majority are slight and short by our standards – a height of greater than six feet is considered exceptional, even among men – with dark hair and eyes and the full range of skin tones that we would consider familiar. A miniscule minority, the Void Touched, owe white-gold hair and exceptional height to a fabled divine ancestor.
These privileged few – corrupt, vicious, some inbred to madness – enjoy the highest positions of power on Sayune. Below them rank the nobility – princes and princesses on constant spats over the planet’s limited arable land, their assorted lap pet courtiers, the favored and pampered military officers of all – and the Priests of the Void. Even lower in the planetary pecking order one finds laborers, merchants, and soldiers. The lowest of the low, the outlaws and the banished, pick out their own meager living in the wastelands and wild waters of Sayune with each roving band or loose enclave bound to its own approximation of order.
But it is not only by social organization that the people of Sayune differ from the people of Earth. They are hardier, more flexible, faster to heal and more resistant to pain. Their lithe bodies adjust readily to carnal activity, their capacity for pleasure scaled up to compensate for their dulled sense of pain. With effort and time, one can ‘break’ a slave taken for pleasure – accelerate this pain and pleasure feedback loop to create a slave always primed, ready, aching for carnal fulfillment. This is not uncommon among the noble classes, where idleness turns the mind to carnality in times of peace.
Let us then turn to a tale of the broken, beginning before the breaking.

Fifty Shades of Grey/A Woman Who Loves Porn

Published March 2, 2015 by Clara Bright

I have mixed feelings about Fifty Shades of Grey. I didn’t find much to enjoy in the book and I’ve yet to see the movie adaptation, but I feel a certain… protectiveness, toward it. For some time, I’ve known that this protectiveness stems from one very simple fact: I am a woman who loves porn, and to be a woman who loves porn is to explain and defend again and again a preference that is assumed natural in one half of the human population and condemned as abominable in the other. Many find the idea of women reading, watching, buying, and even (my God) creating pornographic works laughable. It’s absurd, we’re taught to believe, that women could embrace and wallow in sexual pervosity in any way remotely similar to the way men do. But we do, and in great numbers. We are not a fringe exception to the chaste and virginal rule.

Why, then, are we made the exception when it comes to such public outcries against pornography? Why is Fifty Shades of Grey so divisive, so maligned, when mainstream porn for (straight) men courts and encourages abuse fantasies as a rule? There’s no chapter titled “Barely Legal Bitch Chokes on HOT DILF SPUNK,” but this attention-grabbing through the promise of abuse is par for the course in porn marketed to men. Why do people (many women themselves) come out in force to call for a boycott of the film while Pornhub and Redtube go unharrassed?

I think it comes partially from ignorance and partially from a pair of assumptions we’re trained to make about women. The social script in which we exist has us convinced women are almost entirely helpless and (exacerbating the former) more than a little stupid. We’re not prepared to accept that women can distinguish fantasy from reality, or really understand context at all. We call for a boycott of the movie because, deep down, we’re not entirely convinced women aren’t intellectually above five year olds who break their arms playing Power Rangers.

And you know what? That’s shitty. It’s shitty, it’s unfair, it’s all kinds of bad adjectives.


And it’s a goddamn shame, because as porn goes Fifty Shades is tame, tame, tame. It’s probably twice as tame in it’s R-rated form. I bet you don’t even get to see Jamie Dornan’s dingle, which seems like a terrible waste. We could be angry over so many other things, but we’re hung up on an R-rated drama with a few booty taps and a vaguely stalkerish male lead because we think women are idiots.

Ugh. CB out.


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