Tough month, new releases

Published May 20, 2012 by Clara Bright

It’s been such a rough, hectic month. I find time to write, but not a Hell of a lot else. For those of you still reading, thanks so much. You’re saints, all of you, even the spam robots. I won’t bog down your days explaining in detail what’s been happening, but I will say that a combination of aging parents and hospital stays was involved but everything is now well squared away. Here, then, are this month’s new releases so far:

Kidnapped Freshman Fucktoy
Ken is a shy and reserved young man, so when his college’s student council president starts following him around and ogling him, he can’t help but freak out. What Ken doesn’t know is that the entire council has been watching him, sizing him up for his new position as their personal plaything. They soon put their plan into action, drugging and kidnapping him to spend a long evening loosening him up with toys designed to turn him into the perfect pet slut.

Sapphic Vampire Seduction
Lucia is tired of the musty summer house and the suffocating Louisiana heat. The lack of any company, romantic or otherwise, doesn’t help. One day a strange young woman with an imposing air comes calling, and in the garden she kisses Lucia hungrily and proclaims her lust for her. They agree to meet again that night, and virginal Lucia learns that the predatory Justine wants more than her heart and body. She wants her blood as well.

Naughty Freshman Pegging
Chris’s new college is strange. On his first day, he’s forced to dress the part of a Catholic schoolgirl, panties and all. But surely it’s all in fun, right? And he does sort of enjoy it. It makes his cock tingle. The joke gets a little too serious when his gorgeous professor paddles him in front of the whole class, then jerks him off on her desk when he gets stiff from it. His last punishment will be to assist in a demonstration, but of what?

This month meant a lot of experimentation for me and, upon reflection, an awful lot of regression into my school days! This month I wrote femdom for the first time and found out I LOVE IT. Also a first for a lesbian story, which I also enjoyed very much. I think I got a bit attached to the characters.

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