I Say What What (In the Butt)

Published November 15, 2012 by Clara Bright

I finally got around to starting Bree Bellucci‘s Forced, Fucked, and Bred trilogy (don’t judge me, I’m slow to pick up on the zeitgeist) and it got me thinking about anal sex, particularly how it relates to m/f erotica.

Whether it turns you on or sends your libido running for the hills, a man putting his dick in a woman’s bottom usually elicits a strong reaction. Why, I wondered? Is it because it’s an act generally considered gross? Definitely, but I think that’s only part of what makes it so appealing to some.

Anal sex is a highly transgressive act. It steps outside most people’s comfort zones. To get a relatively large thing into a much smaller hole requires preparation, comfort, and trust. A hefty helping of sexual arousal doesn’t hurt either!

And of course there’s the large vs. small angle to consider. For many the prospect of being stretched to their limits is very appealing indeed, and the average erotica hero’s cock is more than suited to the task in even the *ahem* conventional entrance.

So why do you (or do you not) like anal sex in erotica?

6 comments on “I Say What What (In the Butt)

  • I’m not necessarily a fan of anal sex in erotica, but I definitely think one of its appeals is the fact that anal sex offers plenty of chances to explore issues like trust, sexual politics, relationships and peer pressure. Is anal sex pleasurable to the one receiving it? What about to the one giving it? Is it an act that people want to do, or do they do it because they’re pressured to “try it at least once?” Is the one receiving it forced to by their partner, or is it the other way around? The taboo associated with anal sex is, I believe, the reason why writers are intrigued by it. So much character development and revelation (which is the real reason why we read fiction in the first place) can potentially come out of this particular sex act.

  • It’s a bonus…a decadent treat when included in erotica. It’s like you said….it elicits a primal response—be it pro or con, it sets things and feelings and emotions and fears in action.

  • I’m not a fiction erotica writer, but when I write about anal it’s because I’ve done it and enjoyed it. When I read about it, it always turns me on

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