Space Slave on hiatus, but a new series begins January 1st

Published December 29, 2012 by Clara Bright

Yes, I’m giving the Space Slave series a break until February. I’m loath to do so because it’s proven to be unexpectedly popular and I don’t like to keep people waiting for their fun, but I’d rather you wait a few weeks than get a final installment I’m having a lot of trouble completing. I’ve burnt myself out on serial works by forcing it before, and I’d rather that not happen to this series.

That said, I also bring some happier news! Yes, it’s more monster sex. Yes, it’s more Elves. Can you tell where my interests lie yet?

amongmonstersMage Among Monsters is the first installment of the Lust Plague Tales, a quasi-satirical hero’s journey story about Winterbright, a young Elvish mage on a quest to take down the tyrannical Dragon Lord and free the land from a magical plague that turns humans to lust-crazed slaves to the evil lord. Though Winter starts his journey intent on resisting the wiles of a world that wants only to turn him into a wanton slut, the more carnal side of his Elvish heritage makes it difficult to resist the pleasures of the flesh. How can he contend with a many-armed beast that wants only to fuck him tirelessly, and three big trolls who see him as little more than an afternoon’s entertainment?

This one ran longer than I’d anticipated, and topped out at just over 5,000 words.  It will be available for purchase on January 1st, and you can expect the second installment when Space Slave returns (and concludes!) in February.

Thanks, all you beautiful pervs!

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