Space Slave Retrospective

Published March 20, 2013 by Clara Bright

ImageAnd so it’s over. The longest and – to my great shock and existential terror – most popular series I’ve written to date. I can honestly say that I didn’t foresee being called upon to write two stories in this series, let alone bring the narrative to its conclusion. I’m very grateful to everyone who picked it up, and everyone who reviewed it. I even have an appreciation for those of you who just clicked on it. You’re all wonderful folks.

Writing this series taught me a few things about myself, chief among them being that I’m not entirely content writing only short stories. I often found myself frustrated that I couldn’t do many things with the narrative due to the limits of the form. It’s hard to expand on non-essential plot threads when you already suspect you’re pushing your luck by lingering on a conversation too long. Momentum is very important in short stories. I now feel more comfortable continuing the erotic romance novella I started a while back. This series also re-introduced me to the experience of completing a lengthy work, something I had almost forgotten about. Even if it wasn’t a deep story I experienced that little ‘letting go’ moment that happens when you wrap up the stories of characters you’ve been getting to know for months. I didn’t feel it too acutely, but I did feel it.

I thought I had a big, sexy finish for this entry. It turns out I don’t. All I can think to say is, again, thank you.

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