Songbird Savaged: New M/m story that’s fifty shades of gay. Haha. Ha. A pun.

Published April 28, 2013 by Clara Bright
Click to get it on Amazon

Click to get it on Amazon

Alan Walsh’s life took a turn for the worst when he turned eighteen. Turned out by his parents during an argument over his desire to pursue art rather than follow in their footsteps studying business, he’s spent several weeks floating between the street and friends’ couches. The end of the tunnel starts to brighten up when his friend Kris scores him a part time job at an eccentric coffee shop called the Iris, but the enigmatic owner, Damon Stanford, is entranced with his voice and takes a very personal interest in him.

Damon is as commanding as he is handsome, as greedy as he is gorgeous, but Alan finds himself drawn to Damon and intrigued by his demand for submission. Is Damon out to cage his songbird, or free him?

It’s no secret that my relationship with Fifty Shades of Grey, while it lasted, was tumultuous at best. I’ve tried several times to get into the fantasy of a take-charge alpha with tons of cash bossing someone around, but I’ve always been disappointed with the results. I’m not quite sure I’m satisfied this time, but I liked Alan and Damon enough to turn this into a story a bit longer than average. It clocks in at 10,000+ words, or around 30 pages. I’m all psyched up to write a second, nastier, raunchier installment where we learn what Damon Stanford really does for a living.

Ta, lovelies!

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