The end of one M/m erotica series and the start of another, both for free today!

Published July 27, 2013 by Clara Bright

My dragon shifter mpreg series To Dragons Bound wrapped up recently and today you have the opportunity to both finish that series and start on a new shifter series, Beastly Captive, completely gratis. You can grab one or both by clicking their covers below. Or don’t, I can’t tell you how to live your life.



The To Dragon’s Bound series also includes Mated to the Prince, Breeding Feud, Breeding Ritual, and Stolen and Shared.  In addition to mpreg the series contains light bondage, dubious consent, gangbang scenes, and mid-shift sex. If that’s your jam, please check it out!



Taylor’s 21st birthday bash was a bust. The night he was supposed to spend carousing in the moonlight with his friends was instead spent doing God only knows what. Taylor certainly doesn’t remember, but when he regains consciousness in what appears to be a jail cell there’s a stone-faced man with a riding crop convinced he attacked three innocent people. To make matters worse, Taylor’s captor is intent on treating him like a dog and teaching him to fear him. For his own good.

6 comments on “The end of one M/m erotica series and the start of another, both for free today!

  • Hi Clara, I wish to read ‘Mated to the Prince (To Dragons Bound series)’ but can’t find it anywhere to buy other than Amazon. And I can’t purchase anything from Amazon due to the regional restriction they have there.

    By any chance you will be putting To Dragons Bound series at Smashwords or any other ebooks soon? Thanks.

    • Oh my! Yes, the individual stories and a collection will be available on Barnes and Noble at the end of the week provided I can sort out the technical difficulties I’ve been having with their new author site. I don’t do much with Smashwords these days, but if Barnes and Noble is also a wash for you I’ll gladly put the collection up on Smashwords so you can get your fix. If you’d like, I can even save your email address and alert you personally when it goes live on either site. Thank you so much for your interest; it really is appreciated.

      • An email alert would be wonderful. Thanks so much. I might be able to get it from B&N, I think. Just tat I am used to Smashwords no frills design. I mostly get my fix there since I am like an Amazon outcast. Lol. Sighhhh I am over tat frustration already.

      • I’ll let you know personally then. :) It’s such a shame that you can’t use Amazon. Smashwords is the opposite of easy for authors to use, so I don’t really utilize it as much as I otherwise would. :\ Sorry you’ve had to put up with this aggravation.

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