Writing Paraphilia and Fetishes

Published October 3, 2013 by Clara Bright

I don’t like the word ‘fetish.’ Its hard consonants and judgmental connotations don’t appeal to me. I do like the word ‘paraphilia’ as an alternative word, however. It sounds whimsical, like something a wizard might talk about. A very interesting wizard indeed. You may, of course, use whichever word you like best to describe an unconventional sexual interest. Maybe you enjoy feeling judged, hm? Nasty things that you are. I adore you. 

If you’ve been following my poor, neglected blog, you know I’ve written a few sissy and crossdressing stories. What can I say? I dig it. Some guys just look so sweet in satin and lace, and the subversion of gender norms has always fascinated me in many ways. 

When reading or writing a story in which the accessories – be they physical props or nonsexual action – are given as much weight as the eventual sexual culmination, it can be difficult to determine when the erotic portion of the story begins and ends. I find myself lingering over passages describing decidedly unsexual things, drinking them in or lavishing them with attention depending on whether I’m reading or writing.

What are some of your naughty indulgences?

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