I had meant to do a post on the casting choices for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but…

Published October 6, 2013 by Clara Bright

I am snot incarnate at the moment. Dragging myself bodily through the final stages of a flu bug that ravaged my mortal shell the entire week. It was a big flu, one of those life changing flus that make you rethink your commitment to anything not within immediate reach from your nest on the sofa. I wasn’t able to do one of my double-length stories, which was quite the disappointment, but I did have fun for all the lucid moments during which I worked on this week’s tale of debauchery. 

Seeing as I’m incapable of most intelligent thought right now, I’ll leave you with a (relatively work safe) trailer for an X-rated ‘parody’ of the upcoming Fifty Shades movie. I have to say, their Christian hits closer to my mental image that Charlie Hunnam. The rest? Uh, not so much, no. Points for trying.


Magenta Room of Pain?


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